The Daily Mail Nip & Tuck 6th February 2017 – What’s The Easiest Way To Smooth My Lip Lines?

The Daily Mail Nip & Tuck 6th February 2017

The Daily Mail Nip & Tuck articles by Dr Tracy Mountford appear weekly, in print and online for the Monday Inspire magazine’. And in this week’s column a reader asks about the best ways to smooth lip lines:

What’s the easiest way to smooth lip lines?

Wrinkles around the mouth and chin are simple to treat but using a combination of procedures will produce the best results. In order to do this, Dr Tracy Mountford recommends an injectable hyaluronic acid skin boosting treatment. This will provide deep hydration to help reduce fine lines and skin imperfections such as acne scars or sun damage. This can also be combined with dermal fillers to restore lost volume in the lip and chin area. As we age, volume loss occurs in the chin, contributing to indentations and wrinkling. Deep injections of a dermal filler will restore this lost volume which in turn makes the skin smoother.

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