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What is Profhilo? A Doctor explains

Get The Gloss

January 2021

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Dr Sophie Shotter meets up with Get The Gloss journalists to explain all there is to know about the Profhilo treatment. This “moisturising injectable” is a game-changer when it comes to creating “dewy, healthy and plumper looking skin” with “almost zero downtime.”

Dr Shotter explains how this innovative hyaluronic acid treatment has “taken the UK aesthetic market by storm” in recent years in an exclusive video interview. She explains how she has experienced a 50% increase in enquiries for this treatment in the last six months alone.

“Profhilo is a treatment that involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin, but it’s very different to dermal filler,” explains Dr Sophie. “Dermal fillers are gels created to lift the skin, whereas Profhilo is the texture of runny honey and it’s injected strategically into certain points within the skin” to boost collagen and elastin production over time.

“The role of Profhilo is to stimulate the skin and switch on your collagen-producing cells, causing your skin to be remodelled,” says Dr Sophie. It’s great for crepey or lined skin while giving the skin an injectable lift.

When asked about how long it takes to see visible results from the treatment, Dr Sophie explains how results are gradual as the body’s own collagen and elastin stores replenish themselves over time:

“People tend to see results around three to four weeks after their second treatment because that’s how long it takes for the collagen production to start happening. Profhilo is not a quick fix” in the same way that dermal fillers are, “but it’s good to have in the lead up to an event” like a wedding, holiday or party.

Profhilo results usually last up to six months after a two-session treatment. Skin will feel and look firmer, while having a youthful “bounce and glow to it.” Dr Shotter explains how the results are subtle yet impactful, without altering the face in an exaggerated way.

“People will compliment you, but be unable to pinpoint what looks so good because you haven’t had a structural change to your face.”

Your skin will feel more nourished and moisturised and your “makeup will glide on better.” She comments: “About a week after my Profhilo treatment, my make up goes on like a dream,” she says. “It just seems to sit better as my underlying skin is more hydrated.”

In terms of where you can have the treatment injected, Dr Sophie points out the prime areas where it can make a strong impact. It is normally injected into the face, from the cheekbone to the jawline.

“Profhilo works well on the neck, but needs more than two sessions,” says Sophie. “It works well in the décolletage too, to help crepey skin from sun damage. It’s also good for hands and arms and stomachs and knees, though you will need more injected and more sessions for those larger areas.”

To find out more about the Profhilo treatment or book a consultation with our Profhilo practitioners, fill out our enquiry form. Visit the Get The Gloss website for more information on the procedure too. Alternatively, call our London clinic or our Buckinghamshire clinic on 0330 057 5425.

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