SkinSchool: Why every beauty editor swears by Vitamin C – Harper’s Bazaar

SkinSchool: Why every beauty editor swears by Vitamin C

Harper’s Bazaar

April 2021

Beauty journalist Daniela Morosini of Harper’s Bazaar explains why “every beauty editor swears by Vitamin C.” This amazing “multi-tasking powerhouse” is not only beneficial as an essential dietary nutrient, but it can also “brighten skin, boost radiance and minimise fine lines.” Taken in both dietary and skincare form, this powerful natural nutrient can “deliver noticeable results to the skin.” This is why it is known as the “beauty world’s big overachiever” and why beauty editors everywhere are continually swearing by it.

Vitamin C for Skin

In the article, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Dr Joanna Ward explains just why “you need this superstar extract in your regime.” Vitamin C is known to help with the process of “collagen synthesis,” which combines amino acids in the body to form collagen itself. Collagen is an abundant protein that gives our skin its strength and structure. So, by adding collagen-boosting Vitamin C to your skincare regime, you can “help support supple skin.” Its antioxidant protection also works “in tandem with your SPF to prevent free-radical damage,” a process that can directly lead to skin hyperpigmentation and dark spot issues.

Vitamin C Skincare Benefits

In terms of the visible benefits, it can supercharge and brighten your skin for a “megawatt glow” that will leave your skin quality looking luminous and radiant. Dr Joanna Ward explains:

“Vitamin C is a brightening agent, so it can help improve excess skin pigmentation caused by blemishes (hyperpigmentation). It’s incredibly helpful for healing damaged skin through the process of collagen formation. Without it, blemish marks do not heal as well.”

It also “safeguards the collagen that gives you lovely plump skin and prevents it from being depleted.” A great way to ensure that your skin is adequately nourished with this vitamin is to ensure that you eat Vitamin C-rich foods like citrus fruits and vegetables. Specially developed Cosmeceutical skincare brands like SkinCeuticals and Obagi also contain high-strength doses of Vitamin C and can be applied directly to the skin’s surface to naturally promote and boost collagen renewal.

Vitamin C Serums

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic recommends the Zo Skin Health Vitamin C Self-Activating cream to help create an even and balanced skin tone, as well as Obagi Professional C Serum, enriched with a highly concentrated Vitamin C antioxidant serum.

For more information on our range of Vitamin C-infused Cosmeceuticals, fill out our online enquiry form. You can also contact our skincare experts in our London and Buckinghamshire clinics on 0343 253 8240.

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