From Robbie Williams to Olivia Colman: how Botox made ageing optional – The Times

March 2023

The Times

Journalist Sarah Ditum explores “Hollywood’s not-so-secret weapon for getting rid of wrinkles” Botox. She speaks with The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Dr Joanna Christou for her Botox expertise.

What happens to the face?

“As you age, the collagen and elastin in your skin depletes; the deeper layers of fat diminish. Your face will begin to sag a little. Areas where your skin habitually contracts — around the eyes when you laugh, in the forehead when you frown — become permanently etched,” writes Sarah Ditum.

What is it about Botox?

There was a time when facelifts were the first point of call. They would drastically remove that excess wrinkled skin, smoothing the face, but “the result had a telltale tautness and left giveaway scars around the ears.”

Sarah Ditum explains that Botox is a simple non-surgical beautification option. She says, “it’s safe, if you get it from the right practitioner. It’s effective, when delivered skilfully. And it’s reversible, simply fading away with time. Injections take 10-15 minutes (though a full consultation will take longer).”

Why do people get Botox?

As Sali Hughes puts it, her reasoning which is a common one is that people look tired. They don’t get Botox to look younger, but often it is for the fact that their eyes are drooping, they look tired, or they feel they constantly look like they’re frowning.

High flying celebrities who have embraced Botox include: “Trinny Woodall, 59: ‘I don’t do Botox to look young. I do it not to look tired,’; Olivia Colman, 49: ‘I have done Botox and I LOVED it’.”

As Dr Joanna Christou says, the core of getting Botox is really “just about presenting your best version of yourself to the world.”

What is Dr Joanna Christou’s approach to Botox with her patients?

When it comes to Dr Joanna Christou’s experience and view on Botox, she says “When delivered correctly and when delivered well, it’s such an incredible tool for ageing well and looking good for your age, but still looking age-appropriate.”

Finding the right Botox practitioner for you

Dr Joanna Christou is the ultimate Botox expert, as she is a qualified dentist and medical doctor “with specialist training in maxillofacial surgery”. Dr Joanna Christou loves and is mesmerised by facial anatomy and has a fantastic track record of impressive Botox patients.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic has 23 years of aesthetic knowledge and experience, so you can trust our  multi-award-winning and CQC-registered clinic for revived and refreshed Botox results.

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