Daily Mail Nip & Tuck – My Wrinkles Make Me Look Miserable

The Daily Mail Nip & Tuck 8th May 2017

The Nip & Tuck articles by Dr Tracy Mountford appear weekly, in print and online in the Monday ‘Inspire’ section. In this week’s column, a reader asks if there are treatments to help with wrinkles that make her look sad:

Help! My wrinkles make me look miserable…

Deep lines at the corners of the mouth, or ‘sad lines’, are due to a combination of factors. These include volume loss, gum recession and reduction of bone density in the face, as we age. Treatments in the past would’ve consisted of dermal fillers being injected into the deep lines. Whilst this would have improved the look, it would not have treated the cause of the problem. These days, experienced practitioners are more sophisticated in their approach. They can use fillers to achieve a subtle lift to the face that looks balanced and natural.

After an assessment, your practitioner is likely to treating areas high up on the face, such as the temples and cheek, using a hyaluronic acid filler. This will provide support to the skin from underneath and it will help to soften the ‘sad lines’ at the sides of the mouth. Then, the lower face can be treated with more filler to further soften the lines as much as possible which gives an immediate but very natural result.

A reader asks about treatment for wrinkles that make her look miserable

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