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Keeping Up Appearances


March 2021

Tatler’s beauty director Francesca White puts this year’s top cosmetic “treatments on trial” in a special feature. As part of Tatler’s yearly Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2021, she explores the “tried-and-tested techniques to trust” for 2021.

The journalist interviews Dr Joanna Christou from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to understand the best non-surgical treatments available for “early intervention” in the ageing process.

Dr Christou recommends the aptly named “Prejuvenation Power Package” as the most “proactive way to keep premature ageing at bay.” This unique approach uses a “three-pronged” method to firm up the skin’s foundations, while reinforcing the skin’s structure, before “hydrating tissues” to reveal “plump and juicy-looking skin.”

This treatment package involves injecting Profhilo across strategic points of the face to “tighten and remodel skin tissues.” Once Profhilo has started to boost the skin’s internal collagen production, patients are then invited back two weeks later for a “mini session of Ultherapy.”

“This warm ultrasound device tightens the facial muscles – perhaps the jowls, or around the eyes, whichever area you notice is starting to slip.”

The final appointment in the treatment package is taken another two weeks later and focuses on further skin-strengthening with Profhilo, before nourishing and filling the skin with “dermal filler” in order to achieve “subtle rejuvenation.”

These final-stage “filler sprinkles pull everything together beautifully, leaving the face looking brighter and more alive.”

Francesca describes the results of Dr Joanna’s package as “rather thrilling, actually,” with skin looking “tangibly dewy” and refreshed. “Best of all, the Ultherapy continues to work its magic over the next year, so you stay looking that way for longer.”

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