“I Had The ‘Too-Far’ Face!”

10th February

“I had The ‘Too-Far’ Face”

Article by Beatrice Aidin

Its Beatrice Aiden’s challenge to get women to realise that huge lips are not a good look.

Beatrice Aiden reported in a recent edition of Stella Magazine about a friends brave intervention, telling her that over the last 10 years she had gone one step too far with Botox and fillers. She looks back on her photos and sees a frozen shiny forehead and lips that were getting disproportionate too.

She also states, she wanted to start again by having ‘tweakments’ for a more refreshed appearance. She says a frozen face is neither attractive or youthful

In this article Beatrice interviews Dr Tracy Mountford for her expert advice on what it takes to get natural understated refreshed looks…

“My 21 year old daughter’s face moves and frowns, so why would I freeze a 40 year olds face? It just doesn’t look good.”

Dr Mountford goes on to say…

“So, the key to smart ageing really is less is more. Its better to have a treatment little and often, rather than going for the full works in one go. I often see puffy overstuffed faces, or the wrong type of filler incorrectly and superficially placed, says Dr Mountford. All you will get is distortion and potentially stretched skin. But if you inject the way we do today, right down to the bone which is no more uncomfortable – you support the structure of the face better, which results in a gentle lift.”

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