Holding Back The Years

Holding Back The Years

At Home Magazine February 2018

At Homes Beauty Editor Trish Leslie recommends The Cosmetic Skin Clinic for hand fillers, Trish reports, hands get a lot of wear and tear and their naturally thin skin tends to become visibly thinner quickly than anywhere else on the body.  The Skin can become more transparent, making blood vessels, bones, and ligaments more visible, Trish recommends Dermal Filler Radiesse to restore volume and structure to the skin, leaving the backs of the hands looking plumper, she also reports that its the first and only dermal filler approved by the FDA for the face and hands, Trish explains that the unique, innovative and sage gel formular contains calcium mierospheres that stimulate the body to produce collagen.  That means you get both instant and longer-term results, which should last at least two years.


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