Considering a cosmetic procedure? Well, before you book…


November 2021 

Beauty Director, Charlotte Jolly gets straight to the point about what you need to consider before you undertake any cosmetic procedure. To help you make an informed and safe choice, Charlotte shares expert advice from industry insiders, including from our Dr Tracy Mountford. 

What do you need to consider before booking?

Simply put, before any cosmetic procedure you need to consider: 

  • Any potential impact on our physical health 
  • Any potential impact on your mental health 
  • Taking steps to pick a reputable practitioner 

Follow the advice below on how to do that and create the best experience with the perfect results you want.

Looking for a smile makeover? 

Before you get that perfect smile, you’ve been wanting, you need to make sure the foundations of that smile are strong. Get that dentist appointment booked to get your gums checked to ensure they are healthy and in good shape. 

Do you want a non-surgical or surgical treatment? 

Decide if you want a non-surgical or surgical treatment to tackle your concern. Once you know this, it can help to guide you when deciding on a practitioner.  

You can pick a clinic that does one or the other. You can also pick a clinic that does both. This opens the door to potential combination treatments of non-surgical treatments pre or post operative non-surgical. This way you can achieve the best results. 

Ask about the brands they use 

Always ask your practitioner what brands they use. One way of ensuring your own safety is to find out if the brands being used are approved.  

Don’t pick a cheaper, unapproved options, as other approved brands have gone through rigorous testing for their safety and efficacy. 

Find out about their experience 

Asking questions goes both ways. Your practitioner will ask questions to help them give you the best results, but do you know what questions to ask back? Founder of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, Dr Tracy Mountford lists the questions you need to ask. She says you need to ask “what the main experience of the practitioner is and find out how many treatments they have done. Ask about their success rate and whether their patients are happy with their results.” 

You also need to ask “what will they do if you’re not happy with the results? Can you go back? You need to feel comfortable discussing this and come away feeling like you can trust that person.” 

Check their license 

Look up practitioners and their history on the General Medical Council website. In the UK practising doctors must hold a registration with a licence. You can find out their registration status, training and a lot more useful information. 

You have the power to be able to check and decide who you trust with your treatment. 

Check the clinic too 

Apart from checking the practitioners license and their experience and training, you should check the address of the clinic. This address should be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC inspect, monitor and regulate services and ensure they are meeting a fundamental standard of quality and safety from the staff to the equipment. They publish their findings to help you make an informed decision. 

Give your full history 

Before undertaking any treatment, it is very important to give a full medical, medication and allergy history. This is to avoid any potential risks and complications. If all is cleared and you can go ahead with the treatment, remember to take a before picture for yours and your practitioner’s reference. You’ll want to track your progress and see the difference.  

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic 

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we are registered with the CQC and our doctors can be found via GMC. We ensure there is a consultation to find out your history and suitability for any treatment. We have a very open policy at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, making sure you have all your questions answered, you are happy with your research, the brands we use.  

From our pre to post care, our team are ready and trained to the highest standard to deliver a service you are happy about. From the second you book your consultation, to walking into our clinic, and checking your results – we are with you the entire way. To find out more or to book a consultation, please get in touch with our friendly and professional team in London and Buckinghamshire.

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