Diastasis Recti

Diastasis recti is the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis or 'six-pack' muscles which meet at the midline of your stomach.

Diastasis Recti Treatments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

‘Diastasis’ means separation and ‘recti’ refers to your abdominal muscles called the ‘rectus abdominis’.

It is very common during and following pregnancy and can affect anyone. In some cases it can be caused by lifting heavy weights incorrectly or performing excessive or unsafe abdominal exercises. There are surgical alternatives for this condition in the form of an operation known as a ‘tummy tuck’. However if you would prefer to go down the non-invasive route then EMSculpt is an alternative solution.

EMSculpt is a breakthrough technology that can help to reduce diastasis recti by inducing supra maximal contractions to the abdomen muscles. These contractions are painless, allowing you to lie down and relax during the treatments, whilst achieving the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups in just 30 minutes. EMSculpt tightens and strengthens the core whilst simultaneously burning fat.

Four sessions are recommended scheduled 2-3 days apart for optimum results.

CoolSculpting, fat freezing is a perfect partner to this treatment as it can remove stubborn pockets of fat on several areas of the body, including the abdomen.

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EMSculpt builds muscle and burns fat with no surgery or downtime. Scroll down to see the amazing before and afters.

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