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Carol Decker of T’Pau

I like to take care of my appearance & in my job as lead singer with my band T'pau, it is an important part of my job.

Rula Lenska

I have known Tracy Mountford for quite a few years, and she is the first person I ever went to for a little cosmetic help. In this day and age where normal ageing seems to be shied away from and everyone is doing everything to delay the signs of ageing.....

Sharron Davies

Because of wanting to look the very best I can for the 2012 British Olympics I decided to take action now to curtail the tell tale signs of ageing. I was recommended Dr Tracy Mountford as the best in the business.

Suzanne Dando

We've all heard I'm sure, women say, 'I just woke up one morning and hardly recognised myself'! I always thought this to be a rather dramatic version of the truth, until I did the same!

Leah Hardy, Top Beauty Journalist

Top beauty journalist Leah Hardy speaks frankly about her CoolSculpting 'Treatment to Transformation' experience at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

Nicky Hambleton-Jones, Fashion Stylist

Celebrity Fashion Stylist and former TV Presenter talks about her CoolSculpting excellent fat freezing results and Ultherapy ultrasound collagen stimulation treatment.


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