Ultherapy Kirsty Gallacher


Ultherapy Kirsty Gallacher

TV Presenter Kirsty Gallacher was launched to the British beauty press today as the UK Ambassador for Ultherapy. Kirsty opened the proceedings by proclaiming Ultherapy as her ‘go to’ treatment; “Because it’s low in maintenance, minimal downtime and totally natural results.” “My skin quality is incredible. I enjoy not wearing makeup now.”

Katie Service, Beauty Editor Harrods chaired this Zoom event to interview Kirsty on: Why Ultherapy? What the benefits of Ultherapy were for her, as well as her results and personal experience of undergoing the Ultherapy treatment. Kirsty reported that she had read about Ultherapy, but it had also been personally recommended to her. She said it had to be something not detrimental to her as she is not a “pamper person”.

Katie asked her how it felt afterwards, did everythingfeel tight and lifted or was it a gradual build up? Kirsty replied, “You do feel things are moving and I could see the results immediately but I’m also still seeing the results a year later! She added that it was mildly uncomfortable but that is the expectation if something is really going to work”. In fact, Kirsty likened Ultherapy to a glorified massage.

Kirsty explained for her “Ultherapy is an investment treatment, she hasn’t a lot of time as a working mum so found it very easy having a consultation which took half an hour, followed by the treatment that took less than an hour, a week later. The long-term benefits of Ultherapy reallysuited her lifestyle.” Since her treatment, she is wearing no make-up now, as she says “her skin is brilliant, It helps your skin work for you” It also appealed to her as it was a treatment that you could address different areas of the face, neck, jawline, brow and décolletage.

What is the cost for Ultherapy?

The cost of Ultherapy treatments were also discussed. A spokesperson for Merz Pharma the company behind Ultherapy, explained that it is a bespoke treatment and the costs varies because everyone is individual. It depends on how many areas you want treating, how many lines you require, so everybody is different… They will have their skin tissue scanned, which also decides how many layers of skin to treat. A younger patient with superior skin quality will need less lines and a more mature patient would require more…. You can find out more about our Ultherapy treatment prices here. To give you a guide, Ultherapy starts from £500 for an Ultherapy brow lift treatment.

Kirsty admits she is a very open person – “you gain that as you get older, I am 44 now, personal experiences can change you, being a parent can change you. I’m in a great place where I make the right decisions – in hard times you learn a lot about yourself, I’m more picky, saying yes to things, no to things and when you are ageing its an interesting question… is it bad? is it good? I don’t overthink it. I wouldn’t do these invasive treatments too early,you don’t know what you are going to look like later in life and that’s why I love Ultherapy. Its non-invasive and working for me. I definitely see the results in my skin quality. Ultherapy has massively helped me to feel healthier and hopefully now embracing being 44!”

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