To Heat Or To Freeze That Is The Question…?


It is widely accepted that there are two highly effective non-surgical ways of eliminating fat from stubborn ‘hard to shift’ areas.

One way is by heating fat cells; the other is by freezing fat cells, a process known as cryolipolysis.

In cosmetic practices all over the world these two ways are utilised in high performance technology to successfully and safely (see below) redefine and re-contour the body with results often clearly apparent in 8-12 weeks and further improvement often seen up to 20 weeks.

Indeed, such is the efficacy of these exciting advances in non-surgical cosmetic medicine, some surgical procedures have been reported as becoming less popular with global statistics to back up this trend.

There is no doubt that for some people a surgical option may be the best solution and it is our job as cosmetic doctors to assess for this.

However, for many patients a non surgical solution is what they desire: they want less downtime, no surgical risk and no scars or ‘tell tell’ marks of surgery.

Whilst both modes of treatment are effective, at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic  we favour freezing fat cells with CoolSculpting® which is the only FDA cleared cryolipolysis device (which supports its safety and efficiency).

This ever advancing technology is owned by Allergan™ who continuously put huge amounts of investment into ongoing research and development of this fast growing product. Indeed, we are just about to roll out in our clinic a new development by the research team at Allergan™ to complement and enhance even further the impressive results of CoolSculpting®. This will be available in January.

When choosing the treatment for you, bear certain things in mind and my top tips for researching a clinic (specifically one that provides CoolSculpting®) would be:

  • Source an experienced centre for CoolSculpting®. Ask how many treatments they have performed. Ask for evidence of this, (there are ways of finding this out – Allergan™ have all information regarding the number of treatments performed by each UK clinic that provides CoolSculpting®).
  • Make sure that the treatment offered is in fact CoolSculpting® and not a cheaper ‘copycat’ device. In fact if the treatment is too cheap it’s unlikely to be CoolSculpting® and may be unsafe.
  • Find out who does the treatment and for how long they have been using the technology. Experience with the device and a keen artistic eye with the focus being on safety and excellent treatment outcomes are vital to success.
  • Check the clinic is doctor led with a collaborative team focused on your results and that the clinic monitors your outcome.

In summary, non-surgical fat loss and body contouring solutions are exciting and ever growing in the aesthetic industry. In the right hands they are safe and deliver impressive results that are long term.

Now is an ideal time to start thinking about body contouring in preparation for Spring. To book a complimentary consultation with one of our award winning CoolSculpting® practitioners call us on 0330 828 4668 (London or Buckinghamshire clinic), and be sure to follow my weekly Q&A on YouTube for more on non-surgical treatment tips and advice! 

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