The First Ever Tweakments Clinic


This week we were honoured and delighted to be invited by Alice Hart-Davis, author of the very popular ‘Tweakments Guide’, to be her headline sponsor for the first ever Tweakments Clinic event held in London.

This was an opportunity to introduce to those that are curious about Tweakments but not sure what to try or where to start. There was also the opportunity to come and meet some of ‘the best practitioners in the UK’ for informal one-to-one chats about what treatments might work for them.

The evening started off with Alice holding a quick fire introduction of our panel of Cosmetic Doctors at 6.30pm, who were then booked solidly for the rest of evening with the guests. The premium ticket holders were entitled to see two of our expert practitioners for a private and informal one-to-one chat and received a goody bag worth £300 which included a signed copy of Alice’s book.

The express Hydrafacials on offer proved very popular as the queue didn’t die down all evening and everyone left with glowing, hydrated skin! There were demonstrations on the famous Emsella chair that uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to tone up the pelvic floor. We demonstrated how Ultherapy visualises the depth of your skin to treat at the level of dermis targeted by surgeons. We also demonstrated our new body contouring treatment EMSculpt which builds muscle and burns fat, alongside CoolSculpting, which makes these the perfect pairing for the ultimate holy grail in non-surgical body contouring.

The rest of the evening was left open to explore the different treatments on display, catch up with our wonderful team of nurse practitioners who were also on hand to explain how the various technologies work, as well as the opportunity for the visitors to have a general discussion on the more main stream ‘tweakments’ such as fillers and muscle relaxants that are very effective when used in combination with most of these technologies.

The other treatments that were showcased were Profhilo, Silhouette Soft, Tixel and ZENii skincare. We were also accompanied by our sister clinic The Private Clinic who had two surgeons on hand to discuss breast augmentation and the ‘T Lift Facelift’ as well as another one of their latest technologies, the Body Ballancer, a highly effective lymphatic massage treatment.

Over time Alice has tried most of these treatments and wanted the opportunity for those that were wanting to find out more about different tweakments and technologies first-hand, in an informal setting and all under one roof.

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