Tear Trough Fillers – why it’s important for the treatment to be performed by a specialist


Tear trough filler is a treatment that isn’t slowing down in popularity. With many of us suffering from dark circles and hollowing under our eyes, tear trough filler can be the perfect solution.

Injecting Hyaluronic Acid based fillers in the under eye area look fuller and brighter when done correctly and safely. Tear trough fillers is considered to be a safe treatment but only when administered by a trained medical professional. 

Why can Tear Trough Filler go wrong? 

The likelihood of tear trough filler treatment going wrong depends on who is performing it. With a trained and experienced practitioner, the chances of anything going wrong are very rare. However, if performed by an unskilled practitioner who doesn’t have a clear and proper understanding of facial anatomy, chooses the wrong type of filler or claims anyone can have this treatment, things are likely to go very wrong. 

The tear trough is under the eyes, which is an extremely complex and delicate area. This area has thin tissue which can highlight problems even more. After a “botched” treatment with an untrained and possibly unlicensed practitioner, these problems can become far more serious.

What are some Tear Trough Filler complications? 

Booking tear trough filler treatment with someone inexperienced severely increases the risks. Ways in which a 30-minute procedure could go wrong and have a long-term effect are: 

Blocking a blood vessel

The eye area is delicate and complex with a number of blood vessels. Going to someone unqualified can increase the risk of them injecting and blocking a blood vessel. This can lead to major swelling and on very rare occasions, blindness. 

Bruising and swelling

There is a small possibility of slight swelling and bruising, albeit this is a very minor side effect patients experience. However, in untrained hands these side effects can become a major side effect and include severe pain and redness. 

Suitability for this treatment

Under eye filler specifically supports the tear trough by adding volume and lift, removing shadows that can create a dark undereye area and hollowness in the area. However, if your dark circles are caused by hyperpigmentation (the dark colour caused by excess melanin production), then this treatment will not help you. A trained dermal filler injector will honestly assess your suitability.   

How can you make sure your practitioner is qualified? 

No matter what the discount is or what the friend of a friend’s recommendation is – do not be persuaded to lower your standards and put yourself at risk. Tear trough filler treatment is complicated and dangerous in the wrong hands. It requires extra precision, so pick a qualified provider trained in the correct injection technique. Base your research on qualifications, experience, before and after photos and recommendations, not price.  

Make sure your research into your practitioner’s experience and credentials are thorough. You can confirm that they are registered with a license to practice by checking their name on the following register: General Medical Council (GMC) 

Tear Trough Filler Before and After results

tear troughs filler before and after results

See more tear troughs filler before and after results.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic 

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we uphold a very high standard of care, putting our patient’s safety first. To begin we request you book a consultation, so we can assess your suitability and cover concerns and questions you may have. Further to this, on our website, you can find all our doctors listed on our meet the team page, with their individual GMC numbers to help reassure you during your research.  

We always keep an open line of communication with our patients and encourage them to ask to see our before and after pictures. Our under eye filler pictures speak for themselves and show you the results our skilled practitioners can create. 

All our Tear Trough Filler practitioners are trained and experienced, ensuring all our patients are happy with the results. Book your bespoke tear trough filler consultation or call our London clinic and Buckinghamshire clinic on 0330 127 4854. 

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