Exploring the Glow-Up: Moxi Laser vs. Forever Young BBL


In the ever-evolving landscape of cosmetic treatments, two contenders have emerged as frontrunners in the quest for youthful, radiant skin: Moxi Laser and Forever Young BBL. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we understand the importance of choosing the right option tailored to your skin’s unique needs. In this blog post, we delve into the key differences between Forever Young BBL and Moxi, helping you make an informed decision for your skin journey.

Understanding Moxi Laser

Moxi Laser is a cutting-edge fractional laser treatment designed to target a myriad of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin texture.

How does Moxi work?

Using state-of-the-art technology, Moxi delivers precise microthermal zones to stimulate collagen production and promote skin renewal.

Why choose Moxi?

This gentle yet effective treatment boasts minimal downtime, making it a popular choice for individuals with busy lifestyles seeking noticeable results without the hassle.

Unlocking the Potential of Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL, on the other hand, harnesses the power of broadband light (BBL) therapy to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level.

What does Forever Young BBL target?

This innovative treatment not only addresses visible signs of ageing but also targets underlying damage caused by sun exposure and environmental stressors.

How does Forever Young BBL work?

By stimulating collagen and elastin production, Forever Young promotes firmer, smoother skin with improved tone and texture. With customisable settings, this versatile treatment can be tailored to address specific concerns, ensuring optimal results for every individual.

Forever Young BBL vs Moxi Laser benefit comparison

When it comes to rejuvenating your skin and reversing the signs of ageing, both Forever Young BBL Laser and MOXI Laser offer impressive benefits. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison to help you decide which treatment aligns best with your skincare goals:


  • Counteracts skin damage: Forever Young BBL effectively restores damaged skin, addressing concerns such as acne, acne scars, sun spots, age spots, and skin redness.
  • Stimulates healthy skin renewal: By promoting collagen and elastin production, Forever Young BBL encourages the skin’s natural renewal process, resulting in a fresher, more youthful complexion.
  • No surgery, no downtime: Unlike invasive procedures, Forever Young BBL requires no surgery and minimal downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities with minimal interruption.
  • Quick and effective treatment: With its efficient treatment protocol, Forever Young BBL delivers impressive results in a shorter timeframe, making it an ideal option for busy individuals.
  • Versatile: Forever Young BBL can address a wide range of skin concerns, making it suitable for individuals seeking comprehensive skin revitalisation.
  • Long-lasting results: Enjoy the benefits of Forever Young BBL for an extended period, with results that endure beyond the treatment period.


Gentle yet effective with little to no downtime: MOXI Laser offers a gentle approach to skin rejuvenation, with minimal downtime compared to traditional ablative lasers.

  • Non-invasive: Thanks to its non-ablative fractional laser energy, MOXI Laser delivers impressive results without the need for invasive procedures.
  • Targets superficial sun damage and skin pigmentation: MOXI Laser specifically targets superficial sun damage, age spots, rosacea, acne, acne scars and pigmentation irregularities, revealing a more even skin tone.
  • Evens skin tone: Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and texture with MOXI Laser, which helps achieve a smoother, more uniform complexion.
  • Promotes collagen production: By stimulating collagen production, MOXI Laser improves skin elasticity and firmness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces and delays signs of ageing: Experience a youthful glow with MOXI Laser, which not only reduces existing signs of ageing but also helps delay future skin ageing.
  • Ideal for patients of all skin types: MOXI Laser is safe and effective for individuals with diverse skin types and tones, offering inclusive skincare solutions.
  • Can be performed anytime of the year: Unlike some laser treatments, MOXI Laser can be performed year-round, allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling.
  • Noticeable results seen in 5-7 days: Experience visible improvements in skin texture and tone within just a few days of undergoing a MOXI Laser treatment.

Choosing the Right Treatment for You

When deciding between Moxi Laser and BBL, several factors come into play, including your:

  • skin type
  • concerns
  • desired outcomes

Moxi Laser shines for those seeking targeted improvement in specific areas with minimal downtime, making it an excellent option for busy individuals looking to refresh their appearance. Conversely, Forever Young BBL offers comprehensive holistic rejuvenation, making it ideal for those seeking overall skin enhancement and correction of pigmentation irregularities and redness.

During your consultation at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, our experienced practitioners will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable treatment plan tailored to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Experience the Difference at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results with a personalised approach to skincare. Whether you opt for Moxi Laser or Forever Young BBL, rest assured that you’re in expert hands every step of the way. Our skilled team is dedicated to helping you achieve the radiant, youthful complexion you desire, using the latest advancements in cosmetic technology.

With a highly trained team of practitioners, we will revive your body confidence with glowing yet natural results. To find out more about either Moxi Laser and/or Forever Young BBL treatment, book your consultation here or give our London clinic a call on 0333 363 6560.

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