Emsculpt for men


Typically, the world of slimming has been dominated by women wanting to tweak certain areas of stubborn fat that they carry around, fat which exists largely due to hormones and their body constantly being ready to carry a child. However, with EMSculpt offering not only targeted fat loss but muscle building too, more men have opted for the treatment at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to define certain areas of their body, with outstanding results.

Who is it for?

Men should consider EMSculpt when they want to add greater definition to their body. The treatment is not for someone at the beginning of their weight loss journey, but rather for those nearing the end of it. Men who are at or closer to a healthy BMI, that are struggling to shift the final few pounds of fat stand to benefit greatly from this treatment. Also, those who maintain a healthy physique and are nearing ‘shirts off’ season prefer to target stubborn areas of fat with EMSculpt too.

Targeted toning for men

Everyone says that abs are made in the kitchen and this is true. If you want a well-defined stomach, you need to diet, but we know that sometimes there’s just a thin layer of fat hiding your washboard abs, or some stubborn winter love handles ruining your beach body.

The EMSculpt treatment doesn’t just melt away those vestiges of fat that remain. It also targets the muscle beneath which is what many men find so appealing, and why wouldn’t you? Abs without doing crunches? Of course that’s calling your name, but there is so much more it can offer as well.


EMSculpt for Calves

For some men, their calf muscles are an embarrassment, they just won’t grow no matter how much they seem to train them, Emsculpt can help activate the calf muscles and treat the fat around them to help them become more defined as you reach for the physique you’ve been trying so hard to achieve.

EMSculpt for Glutes

While the ladies have got glute training down to an art, men can benefit from this treatment targeted specifically at the bottom area. Growing and strengthening the glutes, which are a very large muscle group, may improve sports and training performance in men, as well generating an appealing aesthetic; attaining a number of body goal aims in just one method of treatment.

Other areas that can experience the benefits of this procedure are the arms, legs and torso, helping you tweak and define your body on your own terms.

How EMSculpt works

Having this treatment for 30 minutes is like performing 20,000 muscle contractions. This seems too good to be true, but the science doesn’t lie. The technology uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy which is channelled through large panels to the targeted area. This stimulation causes a chain reaction in the body, causing the muscles to restructure themselves on a cellular level and literally grow. At the very same time, the fat in the area is encouraged to burn off with 5 times more efficiency than regular exercise.

The treatment feels like a vigorous muscle workout without the cardio element and you do nothing but lie on the bed while it does the hard work for you – an appealing thought for anyone who understands just how hard it is to do the same thing in the gym.

Emsculpt results for men

EMSculpt Results for Men

When it comes to non-surgical fat reduction and muscle-building for men, EMSculpt is the clear leader in the field. Over 18 clinical studies have verified this, showing how it generates a 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat and a 16% increase in muscle mass. To add to these amazing results, the EMSculpt brand now offers an upgraded treatment called EMSculpt Neo, which maximises fat-burning and muscle-building results in the shortest time possible. In just one 30-minute session, men can experience a 25% increase in muscle mass and a 30% reduction in fat 3 months after the treatment.

If you would like to find out more about how Emsculpt can help you to achieve your body-sculpting goals, then get in touch with our friendly team today.

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