HydraSmooth: The Ultimate Skin-Quenching Combo


Glowing hydrated skin is a symbol of youth and vivacity for many of us, and now more than ever, it’s having its moment. Just look to recent fashion week catwalk shows or the latest celebrity skincare trends and you’ll quickly notice how the ‘dewy skin look’ is in hyper-demand.

Gone is the focus on eliminating shine and aiming for a harsh matte finish at all costs. Instead, patients are now seeking out a fresh level of skin quality.

How can we bottle this up in a non-invasive treatment regime? The answer lies in The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s HydraSmooth treatment.

Skin-nourishing treatments, delivered

Ever since the dewy skin trend has taken hold, we’ve simply been inundated with requests for ultra-hydrated skin. Our much-loved patients are saying to us repeatedly how they want to bring back the bounce, plumpness and hydration that youth-blessed skin is renowned for.

This is why we’ve come up with a high-impact treatment regime that delivers moisture-quenched skin on demand. Here’s how to get it: 

Achieving the dewy skin look

It goes without saying that adopting a deeply hydrating skincare routine should be your first port of call for luminous dewy skin. Dewy skin makeup also has its place for some. But while gentle cleansers, moisturisers, dewy foundations and hyaluronic acid serums offer a great baseline for the look, they won’t achieve long-lasting nourishment on a deeper level.

This is where advanced non-surgical ‘breakthrough’ treatments with deep collagen-boosting and skin-nourishing abilities should come into play. Profhilo and Tixel are two such treatments with proven rejuvenating results.

Moisturisation & hydration with Profhilo 

Profhilo® is a next-generation hyaluronic acid that stimulates collagen and elastin production deep within the skin. Beauty journalist Olivia Falcon, founder of The Editors List and the former Health and Beauty Director at Tatler has described her own Profhilo treatment as “a moisturiser in a jab.”

“It really is a breakthrough innovation for super-nourished skin.” Sylvia Chrzanowska, RGN

This injectable wonder treatment nourishes skin cells while activating skin receptors to improve moisture levels and restore skin firmness. As one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, it’s proven to stimulate the natural production of four different types of collagen and elastin while targeting skin laxity. 

By remodelling skin cells to retain moisture and regenerating new collagen stores deep within the skin, it brings back structure, firmness and plumpness to the skin for an immediate hydrating effect. 

“Profhilo is an excellent treatment that naturally hydrates and remodels our ageing skin. I love it so much that I have Profhilo treatments myself every 4 months.” Tara Jackson, RGN

Deep collagen boosting with Tixel

Tixel is another collagen-boosting treatment that uses pure heat energy to trigger skin renewal. The Tixel device transfers precise thermal energy to targeted areas of the skin to foster the natural production of new collagen. Through this advanced process, the skin regenerates itself, resulting in noticeably tightened and resurfaced skin. 

Another key benefit of Tixel is how it can minimise sun damage, while smoothing wrinkles, addressing scars and correcting skin discolouration. It also excels at treating sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth. 

 “Tixel is a great technology for improving the skin’s texture while targeting sun damage and smoothing fine lines. It’s also ideal for safely firming and refreshing the upper and lower eyelids.” Karolina Jendras, RGN

 “The device settings create open channels to allow deeply nourishing ‘active ingredient serums’ to hydrate the skin with a high rate of absorption.” Helen Chapman, RGN

Combining the treatments – The CSC HydraSmooth

We’ve blended the beautifying benefits of both Tixel and Profhilo to fast-track your way to dewy, quenched skin with a resplendent texture. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s HydraSmooth treatment combines the power of both to hydrate and firm different areas of the face and body. Dr Mountford summarises the process in the video below:

Profhilo is ideal for treating the face, neck, arms, hands, knees and décolletage, while Tixel can be used to hone in on more delicate areas like the eyes. It can also be used to treat acne scars and sunspots.

Combine the essence of both with our unique HydraSmooth treatment for a moisture-kissed look with clinically proven results. For more information about our skin-quenching treatments, book a consultation with one of our specialists at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, today. You can find us in London and Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire.

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