CoolSculpting Frequently Asked Questions


Dr Tracy Mountford discusses; frequently asked questions about CoolSculpting with London’s leading CoolSculpting practitioner; Senior Medical Aesthetician Magda Szczukiewicz.

In this discussion, as a specialist and expert CoolSculpting practitioner in London, Magda answers the most frequently asked questions about her treatments from her unique experience with her patients, what her experiences are in terms of her patient results and why the majority of her patients return for more.

Magda has been performing CoolSculpting treatments for over ten years and was the first practitioner in London and the UK to be trained as a CoolSculpting specialist. They also discussed all things CoolSculpting including the history, how it’s changed and evolved over the years, does CoolSculpting work and what the most popular areas to treat are.

Dr Mountford begins by asking Magda what the most popular area of the body to treat with CoolSculpting is, Magda answers that she thinks it’s actually the chin area. She explains that we tend to look at ourselves every day and it is quite hard to work on the chin area. We can work on our abs, flanks etc working out but the chin is a specific area. The most popular areas used to be the abdomen and flanks but these days Magda see’s a lot more patients come in with concerns about their ‘double chin’.

Magda adds that she has had patients come in for CoolSculpting before to have their abdomen or flanks done and they often come back when they see how well it works wanting other areas done, which regularly includes the chin.

Magda has been doing CoolSculpting for ten years and has been amazed by the results. She very quickly had patients coming back wanting more areas treated and saying she had changed their lives. Magda says that CoolSculpting can really be a game changer in giving a patient more confidence.

Another popular area is the upper arms and can be really successful in helping you to feel more confident in your clothes. Magda explains that she had a patient just before lockdown whose son even commented on how great her arms were looking.

Dr Mountford asks Magda what has changed from ten years ago to today with CoolSculpting. Ten years ago, it was just one machine with one applicator and was mainly used to treat the abdomen and flanks, but every year CoolSculpting has introduced something new. However, treatment of a single area still took an hour and the applicators had quite a strong suction so patients would often feel a little bit of discomfort. Magda explains that these days we have applicators that can treat areas in 35-45 minutes and a lot has changed in terms of feelings of discomfort. Magda even tells the story of a patient who was concerned that she couldn’t feel anything, and she was worried it wasn’t working or the machine wasn’t turned on, which Magda then explained the machine was intact on and working, and this was the treatment. We can also treat different areas at the same time cutting your treatment time in half, which wasn’t possible when CoolSculpting first came about.

Dr Mountford then asks Magda whether or not CoolSculpting is most popular for men or women, to which Magda replies that it’s probably a 50/50 split, which is really interesting.

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