Body contouring with Emsculpt in London


In today’s competitive world of social media, there is an increased need to have a perfect body, and while we at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic want you to look your best for your personal confidence and self-esteem and not for the approval of strangers on the internet, we understand that having an edge or going that extra mile is important to you. Whether it be for an upcoming photoshoot, wedding, festival, or beach holiday, Emsculpt London can help you prepare to be the best version of yourself by contouring your body into the shape you most desire.

What Emsculpt does

Emsculpt is a revolutionary technology that burns fat and tones muscle at the same time with long-lasting results over time. By stimulating the muscle to perform 20,000 contractions in a 30-minute period, Emsculpt London gives you a workout you could never experience the traditional way. Some say it is the future of exercise and it may well be, but right now it can help your already healthy body tone up just a little more, to give you an edge with minimal effort in your busy lifestyle.

Target key areas

If you are at a healthy BMI and want to firm and tone an area of your body that is troubling you, this treatment works well in the following areas:

Buttocks – forget the Brazilian bottom lift, not everyone is keen on invasive surgery that can carry risk and possible complications. With this treatment you can tone your glutes while lying comfortably on a bed, the secret to a perky round behind is not depositing large amounts of fat into the area, it’s having strong thick muscles that look natural and suit your individual form. Achieving this in the gym takes time and work, but with this treatment you can augment the work you put in to a higher degree of efficacy.

Legs – many women may feel that they would like to slim down their thighs, and traditionally the best way of doing this was liposuction. Liposuction causes bruising with a risk of infection it also does nothing for the muscle beneath the fat. So while you may be sucking out the fat from your body you are leaving behind flat muscles and the possibility of saggy skin. With our body-contouring treatment you not only encourage your body to get rid of the fat in the targeted area on the sides of your legs, but you tone up the muscles, as well as firm the skin in the area, creating a healthy strong appearance rather than a drained one.

Tummy – a healthy diet is the best way to get abs, but sometimes that little pooch seems impossible to get rid of, with Emsculpt London you can target the layer of fluffy fat hiding your abs and stimulate the muscles at the same time, helping you achieve that enviable six-pack with ease.

For patients with a higher than average BMI, Emsculpt now offers a newly improved treatment that puts muscle building and fat removal in reach for this group. The newly launched Emsculpt Neo treatment builds upon the legacy of the standard Emsculpt procedure by giving patients 30% fat removal and 25% muscle mass increases across these body areas in the shortest amount of time.

Get results

Once you have had your 4 courses of treatment spaced over 2 weeks, you may notice a change in muscle tone and the results will only continue to improve from there. Across the proceeding few months, your body will expel the fat you have targeted with Emsculpt, and it will be gone for as long as you continue to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime.

For further information about Emsculpt treatments, please get in touch with our friendly team at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic now.

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