Profhilo Treatment For Ageing Arms

This week our Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Joanna Christou demonstrates our new treatment Profhilo on our patient Heather. This procedure is carried out by a number of our medical practitioners.

This Summer Heather wants to wear sleeveless tops and halter necks and not have to worry about the appearance of her skin. Although Heather has good arms for her age she has recently noticed a loss of elasticity, which often happens as we age.

Profhilo is usually a two-part treatment. It improves firmness and makes skin appear tighter.

The treated area, is injected with Profhilo which will spread and stimulate collagen and elastin, tightening up the arms, refreshing the area.

After treatment, you may notice small bumps at the site of the injections, but these will usually go down after a couple of hours or so.

You should see results over the next few weeks and notice an improvement in the quality of your skin. After four weeks we carry out the second part of the treatment.

To see Dr Joanna Christous demonstrate Profhilo on Heather’s arms, watch the video below.

If you are interested in this treatment and would like to know more about it, please call us on 0203 319 3637 (London Clinic) or 01753 646 660 (Buckinghamshire Clinic). Or you can email us at can also follow my weekly Q&A on YouTube for more inside advice!

*DISCLAIMER Patient experience and results may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as lifestyle, age and medical history.

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