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By Claire Sanderson Editor in Chief

Women’s Health

How Claire Sanderson Editor in Chief of Women’s Health is officially a convert to Profhilo; an injectable skin improvement treatment. Claire explains at the age of 30 she stopped sun worshipping and slathered on the SPF cream to try and undo the damage she had done to her face for her previous carefree years. At 41yrs it was also time to address her declining oestrogen levels too. She turned to award winning Dr Johanna Ward to help tackle her dehydrated face. Dr Ward explained that reducing the signs of ageing starts with tackling the inside…

Although Clare drank three litres of water a day, applied moisturiser’s day and night and ate a plant-based diet with lots of healthy fats she was also serious about her skincare routine too.

Dr Johanna recommended a new treatment called Profhilo, which is like injecting moisture into the skin, very different to dermal fillers and muscle relaxants – she was told by Johanna it simply restores your skin back to its former glory. ‘The effect? The Clock is turned back in a very natural way ‘You’ve had a good nights sleep’ kind of way’…

Dr Johanna explains in the article, Prohilo is a bio stimulator and will intensely rehydrate and plump the skin as well as designed to treat skin laxity. It goes on working over time, stimulating our own collagen production helping to slow down the ageing process. Optimum results seen in eight weeks

Claire goes onto say; ‘the process wasn’t unpleasant, nor painful. Dr Ward injected into 10 treatment sites on my face: each side of the eye, ear, either side of the bottom of the nose and along the jawline.’

She finishes by saying ‘Profhilo is just helping me a long the way. Is it cheating? Not really. I’m officially a convert.’

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