The Treatments Tatler Loves

Research has revealed that women over 50 are fuelling the rise in popularity of dermal fillers. New figures suggest growing numbers are having non-surgical injections in a bid to tackle the effects of the menopause and give themselves a confidence boost.

From the age of 50 a drop in the level of the reproductive hormone oestrogen makes it difficult for the skin to retain moisture, resulting in a dry and sagging complexion. Dermal fillers and Skinbooster’s are helping fight the effects of ‘the change’ by boosting the production of collagen, adding moisture to the skin and filling of deep set lines and wrinkles.

Having dermal fillers injected into your face is a quick, ‘lunchtime’ procedure – but not without its risks. That’s why choosing where you have your treatment is so important.

It’s reassuring to know, therefore, that Tatler has judged The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Tracy Mountford as a true expert, acknowledging that that the “A-Listers” and “Eton mothers” who visit the discreet clinic do so because performing precise and expert dermal filler injections is Dr Mountford’s “forte”.

Tatler also highlighted the new Lip Réfresh treatment offered at the clinic. It’s a wonderful treatment for giving thin dry lips some “subtle smoothing oomph!”

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