Mail On Sunday – Give Wrinkles The Needle

Give wrinkles the needle

Dr Joanna Christou, cosmetic doctor at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic was recently interviewed by The Mail on Sunday for Profhilo, the newest generation of bio stimulator.

Dr Joanna Christou (MBBS BDS MJDF RCS), cosmetic doctor at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, believes the newest generation of bio stimulator, is the quickest way to restore plumpness, bounce and suppleness to ageing faces, and also believes this wrinkle-fighting elixir will be one of the most popular treatments this year and many of her clients are already hooked!

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic has seen an upsurge in the demand for Profhilo with an increasing number of patients having treatment with the hyaluronic acid-based product, which is delivered via tiny injections stimulating your own collagen to grow.  It has remarkable skin tightening and liquid lift affect that can decrease fine lines and crepiness.

There is no age limit and everyone can benefit from a boost of collagen as we begin to lose it from the age of about 25.

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