Lift & Sculpt – A Whole New Era In Facelifting

“Sculptra & Ultherapy formulate the ‘Lift & Sculpt’ which is responding to a trend – understated, natural, gradual results, no overfill, for a refreshed rejuvenated look.”

On the 4th January The Cosmetic Skin Clinic featured in an article in ‘The Mail On Sundays’  feature; New Year New Start 

This feature was explaining how we can ‘Lift & Sculpt’ with the various new technologies today combined with collagen stimulating dermal fillers.

Dr Mountford stated, “With the advent of new technology combined with collagen stimulating dermal fillers we have now progressed to a whole new era in non-surgical face lifting. One of our key signature treatments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the ‘Lift & Sculpt’ treatment – which responds to a new trend; a gradual redefining and lifting treatment which leaves no tell-tale signs of anything ever having been done.” Dr Mountford continued “With carefully placed Sculptra to softly restore lost volume, combined with Ultherapy for lifting and tightening the skin, allows us to combine gentle volumising, as well as addressing skin laxity around the jowls and neck area without a scalpel in sight. Nowadays we can intervene much earlier on to help combat the ageing process in a safe and effective way. Sculptra gives subtle, gradual results over time whilst Ultherapy uses FDA approved ultrasound technology to lift and tighten the skin naturally – with no downtime.”

This approach of natural, gradual results with no overfill for a refreshed rejuvenated look is why Ulrika Jonsson has recently embarked on this treatment and is already showing superb results…

How Ultherapy works and Ultherapy Patient testimonials

Ulrika says… “Staying natural is important to me which is why I went to Dr Mountford who recommended this course of treatment to me and so far I am delighted and can’t wait to see the final results!”  

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