EMSculpt – Get The Gloss Features J Lo at 50

5th February 2020

Get The Gloss

It has been widely reported in the last few days how J Lo was ‘killing it’ at last weekends Super Bowl in the US where she stole the show. No one could believe her amazing body for a 50 year old! She already had a show stopping body with a good diet and exercise and now it has been widely reported, she has had a little help from the latest non-surgical body contouring treatment EMSculpt. This treatment helps to build, tone and sculpt muscle whilst burning fat at the same time.

Very recently Dr Tracy Mountford presented on a survey for The Private Clinic that J Lo’s body came out as the most desirable celebrity body due to her womanly curves and her fit and healthy approach to her lifestyle, with a vote of 21% ahead of Elle Macpherson at 13% and Scarlett Johansson at 12%. The curvier shape being more aspirational at present.

Also in a recent online article for Get The Gloss, Dr Tracy Mountford is interviewed on what may have contributed to J Lo’s amazing body. To achieve her perky posterior and sculpted and defined abs, Dr Mountford recommends EMSculpt; a non-surgical body contouring treatment to firm and strengthen the glutes and abdomen using electromagnetic technology, one session is equivalent to 20,000 sit ups or squats in a 30 minute procedure. An intensive work out without the pain of the gym. Results can be felt immediately after treatment but optimum results usually two to four weeks after the last treatment session.

EMSculpt can also make you feel fitter and give you the ability to perform better in your day to day workouts.

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