Dr Tracy Mountford – The Daily Mail’s Cosmetic Surgery Expert

This month, The Daily Mail revamped their Life & Style section, launching a bigger pullout magazine called Inspire. This new pullout section will have leading experts in their field covering topics from the latest in spring trends, books, finance, recipes, holiday hideaways and much more, all to have with your Monday morning coffee! We are pleased to announce that as part of this launch, The Daily Mail has invited Dr Tracy Mountford to be their Cosmetic Surgery & Anti-Ageing expert with her Nip & Tuck column.

Nip & Tuck will appear weekly and aims to answer the readers questions and concerns in relation to non-surgical anti-ageing treatments, enabling them to seek advice from Dr Mountford who is a renowned for her expertise and knowledge in the field of non-surgical treatments for the face & body.

First published on 1st February 2016, and now three columns in, Dr Tracy Mountford has already given advice on treating ageing hands with Skinboosters, addressing ‘puffy eyes’ with our specialist ‘Tear Trough‘ procedure and redefining your smile with a natural looking lip treatment. Click on the article snippets below to read the full features, or if you have your own ageing concerns, why not contact Dr Mountford via The Daily Mail at [email protected]

Dr Tracy Mountford – Nip & Tuck

01/02/2016: Help! My hands look older than my face

Nip & Tuck (1)

“It’s surprising how many younger woman already have ‘old lady’ hands

As featured in The Daily Mail

08/02/2016: Is surgery the only way to cure my puffy eyes?

Tracy Mountford

“Woman can’t believe it when I tell them that there are some effective non-surgical treatments for perking up eyes that will hurt even less than plucking your eyebrows”

As featured in The Daily Mail

15/02/2016: Can I make my lips fuller without a trout pout?

Dr Tracy Mountford

“People have been frightened by images of famous women with that over-plumped look, but the new generation of lip fillers produce beautiful, understated results”

As featured in The Daily Mail

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