Dr Mountford Is A Fan Of The Minimalist Look For Lips!

The Daily Mail has featured an article by Leah Hardy about the latest obsession amongst female celebrities to have the over-enhanced, unnatural, ‘swollen’ lip look.

Leah Hardy states in the Daily Mail article that “lips start to thin around the age of 30 with the effects become more apparent from late 30s, especially on smokers. Fuller lips are more associated with youth which is why it is a big hit with major celebrities these days who may be worried about ageing and the effect it will have on their careers”. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic we advocate ‘less is more’ approach and go for the minimalist look and create lips that are still sensuous but in keeping with the individual looks and age of the patient. We offer other alternatives to lip fillers such as Restylane Vital Light that hydrates and smoothes the lips to restore crêpey looking lips to their natural soft smooth appearance without dramatically changing a person’s natural lip shape.

Restylane Vital Lip Treatment Before and After

In the article, Dr Tracy Mountford stated: “Most women just want a natural, sensuous appearance. Trout pouts tend to occur when filler is injected into the very edge of the lips, giving a stiff, protruding effect. We normally inject the product into lips, avoiding the edges where it can form a ridge. Hyaluronic acid acts like scaffolding to support and lift the lip from the inside. It’s also important not to obliterate the Cupid’s bow in the centre of the upper lip; otherwise lips look slug-like. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic we also use more ultra-fine products such as Restylane Lipp to hydrate and gently plump the surface of the lips, and small amounts of filler to get rid of the purse-string lines around the mouth.” Dr Mountford adds: “A good lip treatment is one you don’t notice”

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