Daily Mail – What’s the Best Way to Close Enlarged Pores?

The Daily Mail have recently featured an article about the latest beauty pre-occupation amongst women; enlarged pores. High profile celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow are among those who reportedly use products designed to conceal their pores. Whilst they may have tried other treatments such as Botox, those annoying open pores still remain and can often be exacerbated by media such as High Definition TV.

Dr Tracy Mountford was interviewed by Peta Bee for her recommendations on the best non-surgical ‘pore closing’ treatments and said; “It is a common problem, making skin appear coarser as you get older”. Dr Mountford then went on to recommend Derma Rollering (micro-needling) in combination with topical skin treatments as the best course of action.

The Daily Mail also reported recently on the dangers of going to clinics that use substandard microneedling treatments (especially in China), even potentially re-using needles. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic we believe that there is no substitute to Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy, the Gold standard for micro-needling.

Our Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy is an advanced skin micro-needling procedure which stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally, creating smoother, younger-looking skin. The treatment is completely safe and can significantly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, acne scars, age spots and sun damaged skin, facial and décolleté lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. For optimum results we recommend combining this at the same time with a course of Restylane Vital. The natural hydrating properties of this topical skin treatment make it the best choice for all skin areas that take on a rough dehydrated appearance, such as open pores.

We suggest a course of 3 to 4 treatments are recommended with Restylane Vital & Dermaroller, along with topping up once a year to maintain results. Prices start from £250 and £350 respectively.

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