Daily Mail – Plump Up Your Body!

Dr Mountford of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic was recently interviewed by Anjana Gosai for the Daily Mail about injectable fillers not being used just for the face, they can be used from bony feet to veiny hands! Dr Mountford says’s ‘Our body ages just like our face and these fillers can treat the skin in a non-invasive way we weren’t able to do a decade ago.’ She went onto say ‘regardless of your age or size crepey skin on the area where the chest meets the arm is common. Even the slimmest people like Victoria Beckham, for example – can get visible signs of puckering on the inner side of the arms.’

We have a vast array of non surgical cosmetic treatments that can visibly reduce the signs of ageing and improve overall skin quality and laxity from Botox® to hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Juvederm Ultra & Restylane to help fill deep lines and wrinkles and skin hydrating treatments such as Juvederm Hydrate and Restylane Vital which will plump up and hydrate the face, bony feet, veiny hands and wrinkly decolletage  as well as glowing dewy skin.

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