Cosmetic Skin Clinic ‘fat-busting’ treatment featured in The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail gives a thumbs up to new generation of non-surgical techniques being dubbed as the fat-busters. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic treated a patient to reduce their waist and the results were significant with a 3 inch loss. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the highest user in Europe of CoolSculpting and recently pioneered the implementation of DualSculpting.

Dualscupting Event 4
Launch of ‘Dualsculpting’ to the press Royal College of Surgeons London
Coolsculpting Muffin top

Patient evidence and results speak for themselves when it comes to CoolSculpting and recently we have seen an increase of patients so impressed with the results that they have gone on to have transforming body sculpting treatment.

The Zeltiq CoolSculpting treatment will give from 25% upto 40% fat on the area treated. It is used for and is most popular for the stomach, the flanks (hips and lower back area), inner thighs and back fat. It can be also used on inner arms.

Male and female alike it’s equally popular. A key element of the success of the treatment at our clinic is the volume of work we have undertaken. This has improved our knowledge and expertise on the usage of the technology. The most important element of the CoolScuplting treatment is not only the wonderful results but that it is absolutely safe and is FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) cleared.


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