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5 Simple Steps On The Path Back To Your Pre-Lockdown Body


February 2021

Vogue journalist Hannah Coates focuses and reports on the subject of “lockdown bodies” and how the “latest body sculpting and toning treatments” can help you bring back your “pre-lockdown” physique.

After “a whole year of staying indoors,” she comments on how many of us are now looking forward to regaining the lean, sculpted and contoured looks that came much easier to us when gyms and non-surgical clinics were open. During months of “tracksuit-clad hibernation” in the nationwide lockdown, she looks to the treatments that can help people to “rediscover the long-lost feeling of being ready to take on the world” again.

In practice, this means looking to the “latest raft of formulas” and body contouring treatments that have been clinically designed to fast-track improved muscle toning and stubborn fat reduction without any surgery or downtime.

One of the latest innovations in this respect is EMSculpt Neo, a “celebrity best-kept secret” that is now the “most advanced body contouring treatment on the market.” This unique treatment has the benefit of being able to build up muscle while also reducing pockets of unwanted fat at the same time. It does this “thanks to its combination of electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency stimulation,” which stimulates and contracts the muscles in our body at a much faster rate than a standard exercise routine at the gym could.

Hannah explains: “One session is billed as being the equivalent of 20,000 manual crunches. It’s a brilliant treatment for strengthening the muscles, including the core, arms and legs, while simultaneously reducing fat on the body.”

The result is a fat reduction of up to 30%, and a 25% increase in muscle volume on average after four 30-minute treatment sessions. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic recommends a course of four for this breakthrough treatment. It was one of the very first clinics in the UK to offer this treatment. Find out more about EMSculpt Neo on our dedicated treatment page, or complete our EMSculpt Neo online enquiry form to arrange a treatment consultation with us at one of our clinics in London and Buckinghamshire.

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