Why are fat cells so resistant to exercise and diet? How can CoolSculpting help?


At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we provide CoolSculpting in London which is targeted to help our patients achieve their slimmed-down body goals. The procedure is fairly simple and has helped many of our patients tone their bodies. We understand how frustrating it can be for our patients who, even with their military-like zeal to dieting and exercise, have not seen the results they are after. This is when CoolSculpting in London can help patients get rid of those unflattering inches. Subcutaneous, or also referred to as the’ layers of fat that can be pinched’, is notoriously known for being extremely difficult to get rid of.

Why diet and exercise alone cannot reduce subcutaneous fat

It seems to go against the laws of diet and exercise that some patients develop subcutaneous fat in certain areas of the body that become resistant to the effects of a healthy eating plan and exercise regimes.

  • Genetic fat cell distribution

Fat cells are dispersed to various areas in the body including the abdomen, thighs and even chin. Where the majority of the fat cells are directed to, depends on one’s genes. This means that some patients are naturally predisposed to see an increase in fat cells in particular areas of their bodies. As this is primarily a genetic cause, it is a contributing factor as to why dieting and exercise alone do not produce results.

  • Alpha and beta fat cell receptors

Fat cell receptors are divided into two types: alpha and beta – these receptors are also known to influence the development of stubborn fat. Alpha receptors play a role in maintaining the presence of fat cells in the body while the beta receptors initiate the process of the breaking down of fat to be used as an energy fuel. Fat cells that have an increase in the number of alpha receptors are more likely to offer resistance to dieting and working out than those with a larger proportion of beta receptors. The greater the number of beta receptors, the easier it is to eliminate fat.

The role of body contouring for a slimmer look

Modern aesthetic-focussed technology has introduced procedures such as  CoolSculpting in London that are designed to remove stubborn fat through a process of controlled cooling.

We offer Coolsculpting procedures that treat common problematic areas such as the abdomen, chin, and back, as well as bra fat. The number of treatment sessions required will depend on the individual patient and his or her goals. Some patients will require a few more sessions than others to see a difference. Many of our patients include Coolsculpting as part of their weight loss lifestyle programme, as it is found to be both safe and effective.

The results of treatment can be seen in some patients in as little as four weeks, but can take up to sixteen weeks for overall transformation.

If you have tried the diet and exercise route only to be discouraged at the sight of unshakable love handles after all that effort, we at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic would love to help. For more information on our treatments or procedures, please contact our clinic.

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