What sort of treatments can a skin clinic in London offer me?


Cosmetic medicine, in both its surgical and non-surgical forms, has become quite popular generally nowadays. Despite this though, lots of people have still never undergone any sort of cosmetic procedure or treatment, nor have they gone to a skin clinic in London before. And of course, for those of us who do not particularly feel we want any cosmetic treatment, then it is very understandable that we may not have considered doing so before.

However, there may be some people who are simply not aware of the treatments that a skin clinic in London can offer them. For example, there are some relatively new and exciting treatments such as Ultherapy and CoolSculpting that, despite their effectiveness in helping to improve the appearance of different areas of the body, many may never have heard of until now. So, for those of us who may be starting to become curious about the different treatments that we can go to a skin clinic for, let’s take a look at these treatments and how they work, and perhaps you may end up thinking that one (or both) of these treatments would be beneficial for you.

We feel one particularly noteworthy skin clinic in London is ours, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. As a market leader in providing non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including Ultherapy, CoolSculpting and dermal fillers, we have a proven track record of providing effective treatments that can help patients achieve a look and body shape that better suits them. We are indeed proud of the range of treatments that we offer, and our well trained and approachable staff will always happily explain more details about our treatments to you in a consultation.


Ultherapy is a treatment designed to improve the tightness of the skin, so that it is better fitting, and it is commonly used around the face, neck, chin and brow. The way it works is by using micro-focused ultrasound (MFU-V) which is sent beneath the skin, at around the same depth that is commonly targeted by surgeons. The ultrasound generates a thermal effect in a localised area deep within the skin, without damaging the skin’s surface. By doing this, the collagen within your body is strengthened, and also the development of new, fresh collagen in your body occurs. Many of us may have heard some things about collagen being used in cosmetic procedures before, however it is a natural protein that does exist in our bodies on its own, and it helps to keep our bodies toned, and ensure fresh, firm skin. Ultherapy augments this process by strengthening and providing more collagen.


CoolSculpting is a treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of fat in certain areas of the body, which have become resistant to typical weight loss methods through diet and exercise. It does this through specifically controlled cooling of the fat cells in your body. By being cooled, the fat cells crystallise and die, and then, as part of your body’s metabolic process, they are disposed of naturally. This typically results in a distinct, visible reduction in the fat in these certain areas of the body (often the thighs, abdomen or upper arms), resulting in you having a body that is overall more sculpted and toned.

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