Targeting upper back and bra fat with CoolSculpting in London and the UK


Back rolls, bra fat, and those squishy areas around your latissimus dorsi muscles just love to fold over, causing lumpy contours, and in some cases, all day discomfort while wearing a bra. At times, even our sports clothing betrays us, allowing this fat to spill over the seams, making us feel self-conscious about tight-fitting or sleeveless clothing.

We at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic know that CoolSculpting in London and Buckinghamshire can help reduce these lumps and bums, giving you the smooth and more defined contour you may be looking for.

How to forget about back fat

Both men and women can suffer from fat rolls on the back, and while the back is a good area to target during exercise, spot reducing this pesky area of fat can be tricky. The body finds unique ways to hang onto these pockets which collect fat from the armpits and above the hips, causing fat rolls on the upper back or rolls that spill over the sides of the bra.

The type of fat contained in the upper back can be particularly resistant to diet and exercise. You may find that the best way to redefine this area of your body, so that you can get into that favourite T shirt again, is to ask about CoolSculpting and how it can work for you.

CoolSculpting in London and the UK makes it possible to shift these deposits through a treatment that involves a process called cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis and structural fat

Because structural fat is subcutaneous (meaning it is below the skin but above the muscle) it is able to be broken down during cryolipolysis, which is just a fancy term for fat freezing.

As a safer alternative to traditional liposuction, fat freezing uses controlled cooling to drop the temperature of a targeted area to about minus 11 degrees Celsius. As the fat is frozen it can no longer serve a function to the body. Then, the body sends enzymes to the area to transport the dead fat cells away from the upper back to be safely processed through the liver and out of the body.

This non-invasive treatment can take under an hour and results can be seen about 12 weeks afterwards, once the body has performed its natural job of disposing of this fat.

CoolSculpting in London and the UK is an FDA-approved procedure with no downtime, which means it’s considered a safe cosmetic procedure and you can go back to your normal activities once the treatment is complete. During the treatment, it is normal to feel intense cold in the area that is being treated, tingling followed by numbness, and a slight tugging sensation. Some patients may experience some bruising a few days after treatment, which disappears relatively quickly.

It is advised that people closer to a healthy BMI are excellent candidates for CoolSculpting as it assists in getting rid of stubborn areas of fat where diet and exercise appear to have failed. A visit to our cosmetic skin clinic could gain you the sculptured upper body you have been coveting.

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