Social Media: Friend or Foe To The Cosmetic Industry?


We were delighted to have Dr Joanna Christou join us on Instagram Live discussing quite a ‘hot potato’ of a topic: Social Media: Friend or Foe To The Cosmetic Industry?, and what influence does that have on people who are selecting treatment.

Dr Tracy Mountford opened it up straight away and asked Dr Joanna what her thoughts are behind the effects of social media on the patients who come to see her. Dr Joanna highlighted that this is such a big topic, that everyone has an opinion on. She explains that the aesthetics industry is highly visual and so a lot of people do use social media as a way to research treatments. Patients often come in with images they’ve seen and we can incorporate this into the discussion at the consultation to determine whether or not that particular treatment would work or look right in harmonisation with the rest of the face.

Watch the full live below.

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