Patient Wants Vs. Patient Needs


Dr Tracy Mountford is back discussing patient wants vs. patient needs with Senior Aesthetic Practitioner Tara Jackson plus what enquiries she has been receiving through the virtual consultations throughout lockdown. They talk about how sometimes the treatment that a patient thinks they want, is different to the treatment they actually need.

Tara said that her favourite part about virtual consultations was that she had the opportunity to educate people on different aesthetic treatments. She had quite a few a patients wanting a more defined jawline, however sometimes if we are going to define and beautify the face sometimes we need to lift the cheeks, which a lot of people don’t realise. She says; “If we just treat the jawline when you’re younger and ignore the cheeks you could easily make your face look more masculine.” It is very much a case of looking at patient wants vs. patient needs. Tara also adds that she’s seen a lot of enquiries for lip fillers too for all different ages and she enjoyed being able to educate on the different ways in which we can treat lips depending on your age and your goals.

Tracy and Tara also discuss one of the most asked questions in the aesthetics industry; does social media have a positive or a negative impact? Tara highlights that she thinks it’s a little bit of both, she says that when she sees these younger patients, as a mature injector she can beautify it, but we don’t need to modify or change it. Social media can be a great platform, but it is all about angles and filters and showing your ‘best side’. Tara adds; “If we prevent and preserve you rather than wait until we have to repair you, you will always look fresher.” which is a great analogy. Dr Mountford adds that social media makes information more accessible which is really useful but there is a level of moderation of that.

Tara also says that she’s had a lot of interest in CoolSculpting as ‘lockdown bulges’ have appeared!

You can watch the full video below:

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