Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies shares the aesthetic treatments she’s had – and the results


Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies came by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic just before flying off to present The Commonwealth Games to talk about the procedures she has had with us, and why it’s important to her to stay fresh, youthful and radiant on and off camera.

Sharron has been coming to the clinic for almost ten years and has had a variety of treatments, most recently she tried Tixel and had “a really good result.”

Watch more in the video below to see Sharron tell us why she loves and trusts The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and why she keeps coming back to the clinic.

Here’s a sneak peek of what Sharron had to say:

‘I’ve been coming to the clinic for quite a long time now and I’ve had a variation of treatments including standard fillers. I’ve also had Tixel recently which I am really pleased with. I’ve had it three times so far an had a really good result. I come to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic because of Tracy and her team who are just the best. I have great trust and faith in Tracy because she knows me and knows that I don’t want an artificial look. It’s very important to me that nothing feels fake, I just want to enhance what I already have. Everything Tracy does is very subtle and I have great confidence in what she does.’

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