Muffin tops and CoolSculpting near me in London and the UK


Love handles, or the infamous muffin top is an area of fat that spreads horizontally across the hips often sliding over the tops of your trousers, jeans, or skirt and can be quite difficult to get rid of or even hide, which you may find frustrating.

Have you tried the fad diets? Worked-out, doing hundreds of side bends that promise results ‘within two weeks’ only to find yourself disappointed at the end of it or even too overwhelmed to start? Perhaps you’ve come to the point where you’re asking, “can CoolSculpting near me in London and the UK possibly help with my extra curves?” We at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic are here to answer that question for you.

A little extra loving

Many of us don’t feel great about the ‘spare tyre’ we might be carrying around our hips, whether or not others say it’s ‘just all the more of you to love.’ Most of us probably feel like there could be a little less of us. Understanding the cause of this fat that creates a muffin top effect when we wear clothes can help us find a way to recontour and slim down those bulges. Factors that could be the cause of this excess abdominal fat are listed below:

Genetics – Carrying a little extra fat all over will involve carrying some at the waistline, but where your body predominantly stores its fat can be down to genetics. Some people find they may be storing fat around their thighs, while others are more inclined to store it on their stomachs or hips.

Stress – Chronic stress can force the body to store more fat in the belly as a survival mechanism, thus giving us that bloated, more round appearance, all around the waistline.

Hormones – Women who are perimenopausal or menopausal may find that they are storing more fat around their trunks than they have previously experienced. People who have abnormally dominant levels of estrogen will also store more fat in this area.

Poor diet – Foods with high levels of sodium, sugar, and saturated fats will cause anyone to gain a bit more weight. Thus, it is important to have a healthy balanced diet and get regular exercise to combat these effects.

Whatever the cause of our love handles may be, there is a treatment that can help you reach your body goals when you are near your target weight. You guessed it, CoolSculpting near me in London and Buckinghamshire.

CoolSculping the contours of our waistline

At this point, you’ll probably be wondering what are the benefits of CoolSculpting near me in London and the UK?

Firstly, it is a quick and safe, completely non-invasive procedure that freezes fat cells.The treatment takes under an hour and you can go back to your life immediately afterward.

The second and most important benefit is that it deals with targeted fat loss. While a healthy diet and exercise will help you lose body fat all over, this treatment is clinically proven to help you lose body fat in the specific area of your choice, in this case, the love handles.

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