Lifting the neck with Ultherapy in London


For many people over the age of forty, the neck suddenly becomes an aesthetic issue, as it shows dramatic signs of ageing, there just seems to be a lot more skin there than there used to be. Where does it come from and why does it happen? Once you understand the answers to these questions you will understand why Ultherapy in London is an excellent treatment option at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic for this problem, to help you get back a firmer more slender neck contour.

Ageing and the neck

The skin of your neck is even thinner than that of your face, but it goes through the exact same wear and tear as the face as the years go on; as it, like the hands, is often exposed to the elements. This thin skin is also drastically affected by the natural process of ageing as we lose collagen and elastin, making it sag and wrinkle giving away our age. While there is nothing we can do about getting older there are things that can help prevent the signs of ageing.

Protect it from the sun – don’t just apply sunscreen to your face in the morning, draw it down your neck as well, the sun is the leading external factor for the signs of ageing and we need to protect all our skin from it at all times.

Use retinoids – the efficacy of neck creams can be quite limited unless they contain retinoids, these retinoids can repair sun damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles helping provide a smoother appearance of the skin.

However, the above two preventive measures are simply a band-aid, particularly if you are already showing progressive signs of ageing in the neck. You need to go deeper below the skin, not just fix the appearance of the skin’s surface but fix the inside too and this can be done with Ultherapy in London.


Turkey neck is not something that you have to live with as you age, and while going under the knife seems like a bit of a drastic option, it isn’t your only one. With Ultherapy in London you can reverse the signs of ageing by targeting the problem at its root cause, which is the breakdown of vital proteins under the skin’s surface.

Using FDA approved ultrasound technology this treatment goes deep into the dermis to stimulate your own collagen production in a targeted area, it takes about sixty to ninety minutes to complete and only needs to be done once every eighteen months, depending on the individual. Results may be apparent directly after treatment, but will vastly improve over three to six months following the procedure. You will notice a firmer more uplifted neck that doesn’t sag beneath your chin, thus giving you a fresher more youthful appearance you can feel confident about.

This treatment is completely non-invasive; no needles or surgery and you will only feel a warm tingle beneath the skin’s surface, as particular areas of collagen loss are targeted and stimulated to give you the best chance at turning back the hands of time on your appearance.

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