How to prepare for a CoolSculpting procedure


Once our patients are certain that they make for good candidate material to enjoy the benefits of CoolSculpting in London, a frequently asked question is – how do you prepare for the procedure to maximise on results? Preparation for the CoolSculpting in London procedure is relatively simple.

After hearing about what this type of body contouring treatment can do for them, patients are usually impatient to see the results. Taking the steps to prepare the body for the procedure helps to create an easier treatment process and happier patient. Patients who have just about reached their ideal weight or are within easy reach of their target goal stand greater chance of obtaining the best results. Here are some of the tips we offer our patients.

Tips on how to best prepare for a CoolSculpting procedure

Preparation should begin before the day of the appointment. This will be discussed during the consultation process. Our practitioner will advise on medication (especially blood thinning medications) and health supplements to avoid at least one week in advance before the procedure, which may cause complications.

Avoid bruising or damaging the area of the body that is to receive treatment. The condition of a patient’s skin helps treatment if at its best. Also best to be avoided is tanning, excessive sunlight exposure and smoking. Smoking has been known to hinder the body from healing appropriately, which may adversely impact the results one wants to achieve.

It is worth reminding patients that having a plan in place to maintain the results of CoolSculpting is critical. This means not skipping out on exercise or neglecting a healthy eating plan.

On the day of the session:

  • What to wear

Make sure to wear clothes that are comfortable, preferably loose fitting, to ensure patient comfort. Undergarments are required, although it is probably inappropriate to wear your best or expensive ones. Also a good idea is to bring along a change of clothes just in case.

  • Eating and drinking

Patients may prefer to consume a light healthy snack before the appointment, but should limit drinking liquids, especially those that contain caffeine just before the appointment

  • Keeping occupied

A CoolSculpting in London, session can last up to 45 minutes long. Depending on where the treatment site to be worked on is located, patient movement may be restricted which will impact what they can and can’t do during this time. In general, some of the things our patients do to while away the time is to read a book or go on to a digital device to catch up on their favourite series, listen to relaxing music or indulge in the rare opportunity to take a nap. We don’t mind which you prefer as long as you are seated, comfortable and relaxed.

Once the procedure is over, it is critical that patients adhere to all post-care instructions provided by our practitioner. Results are not instantaneous as patients can wait anywhere from four to twelve weeks to notice the treatment’s effects.  Endeavour to remain patient during this time as the results will gradually become evident.

Need more tips for a satisfying CoolSculpting experience? Arrange for a consultation appointment with an experienced practitioner at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

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