How To Nourish and Optimise Your Skin From The Inside Out


How to Optimise & Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out

On this week’s Instagram Live Dr Tracy Mountford interviewed Dr Johanna Ward on; ‘How to optimise and nourish your skin from the inside out’. Dr Johanna Ward is a cosmetic doctor with The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, an award winning GP and author of best selling book ‘Superfoods to Superhealth’ and founder of ZENii London an multi-award winning UK brand of supplements that is taking the beauty world by storm.

They talked about everything from nutrition to how to build immune resilience and her Book ‘Superfoods to Superhealth’ which is all about how the food we eat, that either fights disease or fuels it!

Dr Johanna explains why we need to use supplementation in addition to a healthy diet; “food today doesn’t provide everything for us anymore, because of this, the modern western diet has a micronutrient deficiency and a lot of it is produced in the lab”. Johanna goes onto say, “We aren’t eating real food anymore. Our Soil has deteriorated reducing vitamin and mineral content. As we age we have an increased micronutrient requirement. In light of Covid19, building an immune resilience is key, as you don’t want a flaccid immune system right now nor a revved up one. It is all about balancing & supporting your immune system to fight a good fight if you get unwell.” She suggests that everyone takes supplement Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C & Probiotics at the very least. She also has a supplement called ‘SUPERFOODS’ that she highly recommends.

What Supplements can work for the skin?

Collagen (for skin health), Zinc (acne, wound repair, dryness of skin), Vitamin C (collagen, elastin, wound repair), Vitamin A ( acne, up regulating skin cell turnover)

The Treatments for those dedicated to long term skin health

Ultherapy, Profhilo, Intracel – in combination with a high performance topical skincare regime and collagen, vitamins and minerals supplements will take your body and skin health to an optimum level.

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