How to look beautiful from every angle


We have patients that come into the clinic with very specific concerns. As Dr Joanna Christou explains in the video below, it’s important to look at the bigger picture instead of treating areas in isolation.

Why a bespoke treatment plan is so important:

Each area of the face is connected to the other and no one area should be taken in isolation. That’s why we work with you to develop a bespoke treatment plan.

For example; a patient may come into the clinic wanting fuller, more luscious lips. As a practitioner, we must take this into context of the entire face from every angle. The patient may also need projection of the chin or cheeks to balance the overall facial profile.

We also offer the Golden Triad – a trio of treatments that not only help reverse signs of ageing, but also prevents them as well.

These treatments work synergistically because they target different structures beneath the skin where the ageing is taking place.

We also take age into consideration when creating your bespoke treatment plan, as we want to not only achieve what the patient wants, but also create a look that is right overall. A treatment for a more mature patient might not have the same outcome on someone younger.

Combination treatments can help create a balanced, natural-looking appearance that looks good from every angle.

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