How To Enhance The Tone And Texture Of Your Skin With Clear + Brilliant


In this week’s Weekly Wisdom, Dr Tracy Mountford is talking about our popular treatment, Clear + Brilliant.

Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser skin care treatment that improves tone and texture and gives your skin a radiant, youthful glow. It can refine pores and can be used alongside many of our anti-aging treatments.

Clear + Brilliant treats the upper layers of your skin, replacing damaged skin – such as through sun damage – with healthy, younger looking tissue. The whole process is comfortable, fast and effective. The treatment is specifically designed for patients looking to take control of their ageing process early but is also beneficial to men and women of all ages and skin types concerned about the signs of ageing.

Clear + Brilliant has been proven to help with:

  • Visibly illuminated skin tone
  • Renewed, ultra-soft and smoother texture
  • Naturally radiant and glowing skin
  • Improved tone, texture and radiance
  • Reduction in the appearance of pores
  • Treating sun damaged skin and melasma.

Watch the video below to find out who is the ideal candidate for this treatment and a behind the scenes of a live Clear + Brilliant treatment:

If you are interested in this treatment then please drop us an email at [email protected] for more information, and be sure to follow my weekly Q&A on YouTube for more insider advice.

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