How To Achieve Camera Ready Looks


How To Achieve Camera Ready Looks

Sarah Monzani is an award winning make-up and hair designer and has worked on an array of award-winning films such as Evita, Mission Impossible The Mummy and The Edge of Tomorrow. Dr Tracy Mountford asked whether the concerns of the celebrities Sarah has worked with are the same concerns as us ‘mere mortals’. Sarah explains that yes this is the case and she likes people to have a good skincare regime, if the base coat is right, the top coat is always going to look much better.

Sarah explains that one of the main areas of concern is definitely the under eye, finding concealers that don’t crease can be quite difficult, however she recommends not powdering over the concealer, so that you can smooth over it as and when you need to. Tracy and Sarah also discuss the trends of jawlines and how it is an equal concern for both men and women, along with necks, which can often show the signs of ageing.

The conversation then moved onto cosmetic treatments, where Sarah said that she is often the individual on set that gets asked for advice about aesthetic treatments. People are living on screens now more than ever, whether it be Zoom meetings or social calls with friends, and this can make people more aware of the way they look.

They also discussed Ultherapy and Sarah highlighted that it was her favourite treatment as it was gradual and natural. No one knew that she had anything done, they just kept saying she looked really well.

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