Glass skin at a skin clinic in London


Glass skin, that’s the new favourite thing out of Korea that everyone is talking about; smooth, glowing, light-reflecting, and clean, but not so easy to attain. If you are hoping that your tube of exfoliator at home is going to help you get this look then we are sorry to burst your bubble, it takes a lot more work to look like a dewy goddess, but at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic your local skin clinic in London, we can help you get there with a range of different treatments depending on your needs.


If you want that ultimate dew, then it’s time to resurface your skin, years of sun damage, hormonal acne, scarring, texture, and ageing all affect the luminosity of the skin. By resurfacing the skin you remove the dull layer that’s been damaged over the years, to reveal a smooth baby-like skin beneath, that is easier to condition into an appealing glow. The following laser treatments are offered at your skin clinic in London.

Smartxide Dot CO2 Laser – one of the most powerful lasers on the market for rejuvenating the skin is so safe, that it can be used to resurface even the most delicate areas of the face, neck, and hands. Results can be noticed almost immediately, although sometimes two treatments are required, and improve over 3-6 months following the treatment, as the laser also stimulates collagen production.

Tixel – treatments can be tailored to each individual without any downtime or side effects and achieves superb results, treating a number of conditions like large pores, wrinkles, age spots, and scarring by using pure heat to encourage the skin to regenerate itself. It has a similar effect as the CO2 Laser but with significantly less pain.


Injectables – like hyaluronic acid (HA) treatments such as Profhilo can improve firmness and luminosity by providing a boost of hydration to the skin thus bolstering the condition of the skin, fixing dryness, as well as its natural elasticity.

Micro-needling – with a genuine dermaroller, a hand held device covered in tiny needles which is rolled over the skin, we can treat all the external effects that cause dull and uneven skin, as well as stimulate deeper into the skin’s surface to enhance new collagen production. With INTRAcel we combine micro-needling with radiofrequency treatment as the ultimate skin rejuvenator.


IPL Photo Rejuvenation – uses lights instead of lasers for a gentler way to treat damaged skin, as well as stimulate collagen production beneath the skin’s surface. This treatment is painless and safe for sensitive patients who want fresher looking skin.


Cosmeceuticals – combining cosmetic treatments with pharmaceutical knowledge we offer a range of products for you to use at home, to help get your skin to the point where you have an enviable and healthy glow.

The skin clinic in London has many options for you to renew dull and lackluster skin, to help you get that glass shine that everyone is after nowadays. Whether you need a full resurfacing treatment or a cream to bring out your natural luminosity or something in between, we have it for you.

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