Fine Crêpey Lines?


Harsh summer sun can really highlight most of our skin imperfections, none more so than those fine crêpey lines on our cheeks. As we age our dermis thins resulting in the skin looking rough and dull with no bounce or zing!

Restylane Vital, Restylane Vital Light and ‘Juvederm Hydrate’ are ‘skin revitalisation treatments’. They are not conventional fillers; they promote the skins health and vitality by increasing moisture retention and improving the elasticity and firmness. These treatments will improve the texture, decreasing fine lines and crêpeyness especially to the cheek area and around the lower part of the face, around the corners of the mouth, known as the marionette lines. This skin boosting treatment is also an ideal lip treatment for those lips that have become collapsed and more crepey with age and restores them to their natural plumpness without increasing the lip dimensions (this is not a lip enhancement).

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