Essential ‘need-to-know’ information about CoolSculpting


A complete and accurate understanding of how CoolSculpting in London works and what is involved is necessary for patients to receive the full benefits of this body-contouring treatment. Without a reliable source of information providing the essential facts, a patient can miss out on the tangible results of CoolSculpting in London.

Our experienced practitioners have got together to clear up some of the mistaken beliefs that surround one of the industry’s popular body-toning techniques. CoolSculpting in London

Six important facts about CoolSculpting a patient should be aware of

  1. CoolSculpting does not take the place of healthy lifestyle habits

The procedure targets and destroys stubborn fat cells that are then removed from the body through a natural elimination process. Once these fat cells are removed, they do not return. This treatment should not be confused with being a substitute weight loss programme. The emphasis is on toning certain parts of the body (in small sections) for a re-shaped slimmer look. Without a balanced nutritious diet and a daily or weekly exercise routine to maintain ideal body proportions, a patient is likely to gain weight.

  1. Only the areas that are treated get rid of fat cells

The procedure works on sections of the body to destroy fat cells. Areas that do not receive treatment will not be affected. A patient can consult with our highly-trained practitioner to identify those areas that would best benefit from the procedure.

  1. More than one body area can benefit from CoolSculpting

Most patients seem to think that the abdominal and thigh areas are the only body locations that can be treated; however, excess fat can exist elsewhere in the body too. CoolSculpting can be successfully used to get rid of excess fat in additional areas such as the upper arms, waist , back and even the chin.

  1. CoolSculpting is not only for women

CoolSculpting is a procedure quite suitable for any person who would like to achieve a toned body shape and for whom physical exercise and dieting have not been wholly effective. Both male and female patients can use the procedure to achieve the body shape that they want.

  1. The fat-reduction process is not instantaneous

The procedure is undoubtedly efficacious in getting rid of resistant fat cells, but the process does take time to work.  Some patients may notice a difference in as little as three to four weeks while others require a little more time. Much depends on the way an individual patient’s body works, the size of the area to be treated and their goals.

  1. The difference is seen in clothing size not on the scales

Many patients, who are disappointed at not seeing expected results as soon as they step on the scales, will be surprised to learn that the success of this body contouring method is measured in terms of a drop in clothing size. It is not muscle that CoolSculpting targets, but fat and as muscle holds a heavier mass over fat, there may be no change in body weight.

Does CoolSculpting sound like the ideal treatment to help you get rid of stubborn fat? Find out more by arranging a consultation at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

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