Dr Tracy Mountford Sits Down With Red Magazine Editor, Rosie Green


This week Dr Tracy Mountford is sitting down with the lovely Rosie Green. Rosie is a beauty journalist and managing editor at Red Magazine.

Her recent article in The Telegraph explored why she chose to get a makeover following a breakup.

Rosie thought her appearance changed drastically following her separation. She lost quite a bit of weight very quickly, which is why she came by the clinic to feel like her old self again.

Dr Mountford and Rosie talk about the misconceptions people have with cosmetic treatments, Rosie’s experience at the clinic, and more in the interview.

Watch the entire interview in the video below:

How We Helped Rosie:

Surprisingly, Rosie’s not the only person who has sought out a cosmetic treatment after a traumatic experience.

As Dr Mountford explains, many of her clients come in after going through a change, be it a breakup or even due to bereavement.

Because Rosie had lost weight due to the stress of her breakup, her face became hollow and thin. That’s why Dr Mountford recommended fillers, as they provide support and lift the skin.

Dr Mountford sprinkled a few fillers around Rosie’s cheek and temple, preventing the ‘caved in’ look that many associate with ageing. Temple treatments also lift and support the eye and brow in a subtle way.

As Dr Mountford says, cosmetic medicine should be about restoring what was lost and enhancing their natural beauty. Not creating an exaggerated, unnatural look.

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