CoolSculpting near me for knees


Have you ever put on a pretty dress or great pair of shorts and it fits really well, but you find yourself concerned over a pair of undefined knees peeking out just under the hem? You’re not alone; many men and women find that they are wearing longer garments in favour of shorter ones to cover up what they may call ‘puffy’ knees.

We at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic can answer the question: “Can CoolSculpting near me in London help combat these knee insecurities?” We can certainly assist and hope to give you a new bounce in your step.

Fat on the knee

Many of us, even those who are moderately fit, can struggle from uneven fat distribution in the body, and sometimes that means collecting a pocket of fat above the knee. This can be hard to get rid of with exercise as there is no specific technique that targets this area. For some of us, it just sits there above the kneecap in full view if we wear shorts or skirts of a certain length. We can’t seem to get rid of it because the knee is a joint not a muscle, and bending it doesn’t burn the fat around it. Likewise, training the quadriceps may have a slight lifting effect, but possibly won’t do much to actually expel the fat.

While diet is certainly a factor in carrying excess fat beneath the skin, sometimes it is a genetic feature that plagues you with its existence. Either way, if you’re nodding your head and saying that “it won’t budge, no matter what I try,” then you may also be asking; “Will CoolSculpting near me in London even help?”

CoolSculpting knees

CoolSculpting targets specific areas of fat where exercise can fail, because of the different areas of the body that are difficult to target with exercise. Being able to freeze away the fat on your knees may seem too good to be true but the science of cryolipolysis doesn’t lie.

As an alternative to liposuction – which may come with its own concerns or you may just be interested in a non-surgical option – cryolipolysis is specifically used for body contouring in a non-invasive way. The area above the knee is cooled by placing a specifically designed applicator for the knee with freezing panels to the point of about minus 11 degrees Celsius and the fat cells then go through a process called apoptosis where they no longer form a function in the body. Once the cells are properly and safely frozen, the body then sends cytokines to the treated area in order to clean up the dead fatty cells as a natural process.

Within a few months of treatment, results will become noticeable as the fat leaves the body in what is considered to be a non-harmful way, allowing you to better enjoy the confidence of having more contoured knees.

If you now find yourself asking, “what other areas of my body can be treated with CoolSculpting near me in London?” then we have the answer to that question. These are the upper thighs, belly, love handles, back fat, chest fat, and double chins.

Risk factors

The risks for this procedure have been documented as being quite low, with some redness and swelling in the treated area directly following the procedure, tingling followed by numbness, and possibly a tugging sensation may be noticed.

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